In recent years, road transport professionals have seen new technologies take a prominent place in the organization of their businesses. The various equipment up to now equipped with telematics solutions “second-mounts” come out of factory already equipped with a manufacturer solution (temperature sensors, tire pressure, geolocation tools, EBS on semi-trailers, management theft of fuel, communicating tachographs, smart phones, telematics manufacturer, …).

To harmonize and streamline the flow of information, these tools must be interconnected (interfaced). These technological advances and the multiplication of data raise a recurring problem for hauliers : How to group, exploit and obtain a fine and relevant analysis of these data? This is the challenge for S3PWeb in developing the data aggregator. The aggregator is the platform that collects, formats, stores and provides your tools, all of these data from heterogeneous systems, without compromising the software solutions in place.

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